Friday, April 19, 2013

Q & A with Q & J: A Round Table Discussion

Our very own Quinton Freeman and Javier Martinez constantly practice reflection and introspection with regard to Educational Technology and their roles as educators in the 21st century. Join us for a Round Table discussion with these two and have a chance to hear and discuss their use of technology, their wishes for technology in the classroom, and what they're simply learning as educators. Submit any questions you may want answered to Emily Hunt, who will help facilitate the dialogue. 

To follow the discussion via Twitter, use #Q&Jrt (for Quinton & Javier round table) or simply follow any of us using our Twitter handles: 

Javier: @Martinez_FTE

Quinton: @inQuery

Emily: @emhuntnewt

Examples of questions that will generate a dialogue
What's with the technology push across the district? Why is technology so important?
What types of technology do you use in your classroom (or in others' classrooms, Quinton), and why do you use those tools/devices?
How do you think technology should be utilized with our students?
What can we expect in a classroom that is soaked in technology and 21st century thinking? 
If I am technologically illiterate, where should I begin?

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