Friday, June 1, 2012

Tool #8: Devices

iPod touch & iPad 2 
Because I have an iPhone and a Mac at home and have been using both for years, I am already quite familiar with these Apple devices (its general tools and how to navigate my way through the apps). The tutorial certainly clarified a few things and reminded me of a couple navigation tools, so I suppose it was helpful to view. It has been actually quite helpful (and I really am thankful) that I use a Mac at home but have a PC school computer- my ability to switch back and forth between the two has been really useful.

In terms of device management, I am considering have a station at which these devices will be stored and/or charged. I will certainly need to establish specific procedures for how my students will handle these devices and when they can be used or accessed during general class work. In terms of storage ideas for keeping track of all those charging cords and devices, here are a few ideas:
I will be playing quite a bit with the different iPad apps over the summer and will likely have more to say and more thoughts surrounding management of these devices once I actually have an idea of how I will be specifically implementing them within lessons and/or units. I do not think it will be difficult to manage these devices- despite the fact that I will not have a class set. My kids do a lot of group work, and they will always have a very specific task which they will be expected to complete in a specific amount of time. It's basically the same as managing stations or book clubs, so I don't foresee it being a challenge.


  1. Love the idea of how you labeled the cords. All the cords is a nightmare. Did you just use the plastic ties from bread or can you buy them?

  2. Great and simple way to manage cords! Even cheaper than using a label maker! Thanks for sharing!