Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tool #7: Edmodo

We met with the Landrum Middle School teachers on May 15 in order to collaborate and work on vertical alignment, and we utilized Edmodo in order to further the connections began at this meeting. This is the first middle school that our 9th grade English I TEAM will be meeting with, but our goal is to eventually meet and work with all of our feeder schools using Edmodo.

We utilized Edmodo during our meeting (and will continue to do so) in order to share notes and points of conversation. Not only so, but we connected with other colleagues from another campus beyond just the "Hey, nice to meet ya, cool idea! I liked your classroom!" and then lose it because we didn't write it down or forgot where we put our notes.

We're also going to be using Edmodo as a collaboration and connecting tool within our Summer U courses. Each Summer U session whose presenter has decided to utilize this tool will have a group created and which session participants can then join. The connections made within that Professional Development time are then accessible well after the session is over; the group remains open and functioning. Not only so, but district employees that perhaps were physically unable to attend the Summer U session can still "join" the group and see notes, conversations, resources, etc. collected by other participants and participate in any post-session activity that goes on, as well. That is something that Eduphoria-Workshop cannot offer.

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