Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tool #3: Video Hosting/Streaming Sites

Videos in the English classroom
While at first I was having a hard time thinking of the ways in which videos can be used within the English classroom, there are a number of ways we can use (and actually already have been using) streamlining sites and videos. 

With the EOC's new focus on structure, I have begun asking my students to think about directorial (authorial) choices. 
"Was the director's choice of lighting in this scene effective? Why?" 
"How did the director/costume designer/makeup artist create the character of Juliet?" 
This is uber similar to what we do with text, but the students like the act of viewing something. It's the same skill (relatively). 

Below are a couple different videos that I actually plan to use tomorrow as I begin our Romeo and Juliet unit. The students will be viewing these clips and building an understanding of Romeo and Juliet as audience members (within our persuasion unit). They can then analyze and explain why both Romeo and Juliet experience a bit of failure when trying to persuade the other to do/believe something- R & J are not thinking of their audience.

I have been using Dropbox all year for both staff development files as well as personal files. It has been a serious lifesaver as I have been planning a wedding in a separate city from my mother.

Copyright and fair use comments: the term "fair use" simply refers to a legal defense in the event someone is accused of copyright infringement. Copyrights are highly complicated and depend entirely on the situation in which they are "infringed" upon. When in doubt, provide thorough attribution. Point taken. 

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