Monday, December 5, 2011

“It’s Not About the Tools, It’s About the Behaviors the Tools Enable . . .”

Thoughts from our iCoaches regarding our January 3rd staff development:
  • Technology is important.  Not because it is the next big thing the district is pushing.  Rather, the future we are preparing our students for will demand that they are adept at the learning, unlearning, and connecting living in a technology-rich society requires. 
  • Using technology in a sustainable and purposeful way is an expectation of the campus and district.
  •  A sustainable shift is NOT generating a list of tools to use in class
    • Choosing a tool alone is a fleeting goal, since tools change so frequently – For example,  Diigo may be useful now, but, by the time the freshmen are seniors, there very well may be a better tool than Diigo.
    • Rather, decide on the skills that are important first and then attach the tools to the skill. 

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